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April 2016

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Andy Huang

General Manager at Kearns International, Thailand
(Full-time, Class of 2012)

In 2012, I joined Kearns International as a senior project manager. Kearns is a medium-sized construction and project management company headquartered in the US. It has an office in Shanghai, where I first worked, but later the company also opened an office in Thailand and I was transferred there. I was promoted to Assistant General Manager in 2014 and General Manager in 2015 because I had project experience and I could manage corporate finance and accounting thanks to the CUHK MBA courses and my CFA qualification. This year we expanded to Myanmar and the Philippines.
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Revamped Leadership Essentials for your Next Stage (LENS) Program

LENS represents Leadership Essentials for your Next Stage. LENS is designed to support MBAs to enhance their work effectiveness and increase awareness of their current leadership and management skills against their personal potential.

Participants attend 6 Modules that are carefully selected to meet today’s leadership benchmarks. They are provided the opportunity to cultivate knowledge, skills and capabilities to prepare for or enhance their leadership roles. Sessions are facilitated based on open discussions, practical exercises, group work and self-assessments. Through active discussive sessions, participants will... (Read More)

Recruitment Talks (Apple, Eli Lilly, Reckitt Benckiser, Sia Partners)

In the month of March, CMC facilitated several recruitment talks with international industry A-Leaguers such as Apple, RB, Eli Lilly and SIA Partners. Business leaders and recruiters came from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore to speak to CUHK MBAs in person.

What became evident in the events is that major industry players are seeking talent represented in leadership qualities, pro-activeness, enthusiasm and the ability to work adaptively in a complex organizational structure. MBAs in our time are not only expected to have academic achievements but also the ability to demonstrate competencies and demeanors that fit into the evolving business culture and that of the organization. The first handshake, the first eye contact, the first question delivered during the Q&A; – these tell-tale factors are really where the first stage “interview process” begins.

The 10th Annual CUHK MBA CSR Conference

The 10th Annual CUHK MBA CSR Conference will be held on May 20 (Fri) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Organised by the student-led CUHK MBA CSR Committee, it offers a forum for business leaders, CSR professionals and corporations to discuss best practice in the field. Themed ‘Ten-years’ Responsible Business – CSR as our DNA', the conference will cover a range of interesting topics. CUHK alumni can buy the ticket at the price HKD200 using the promotional code Tneduts. Please visit the website here.

The Graduate Business Conference 2016

The Graduate Business Conference 2016 was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland in cooperation with the Graduate Business Forum this month. Our students, Rohit Gupta, Henry Qin and Smriti Pius, were one of these engaging participants.

The leadership and dedication of Rohit Gupta (Class of 2017) is impressive and made him well deserving the GBF Special Recognition Award 2016. We were also proud that Henry Qin (Class of 2017) has been being elected as the Vice President of the Student President’s Network for the coming year!

CUHK MBA Spring Special Trip to Tokyo

The Spring Special Trip to Tokyo was kicked off on Mar 27. Students had an opportunity to visit renowned Japanese corporations for business knowledge, and at the same time, explore the Japanese culture.

This time, students paid a visit to JPX, Bank of Japan, Nissan and Yamato Holdings. They were acquired a better knowledge about Japanese companies and economy. It was also a perfect time to get taste of Japanese culture. They enjoyed the traditional tea ceremony, Sakura sightseeing, Kimono dressing and traditional Japanese dinner.
Business Leaders Series: Talk by
Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation
May 18, 2016 (Wed)
6:00pm - 7:15pm
(light refreshments will be offered after the talk)
LT4, 2/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
Originally from the US, Mr. Tom Mehrmann worked his way up for almost four decades, starting as a sweeper and becoming chief of Hong Kong’s pre-eminent marine life and animal theme park. In his talk titled ‘Trends That Are Shaping the Theme Park Industry’, he will discuss key global trends and how they have shaped Ocean Park’s strategy, ensuring continued fluidity and responsiveness to the needs of different markets and guests amidst a fast-changing tourism landscape.

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CUHK MBA Happy Hour Summer Meet-Up
May 11, 2016 (Wed)
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Azure Restaurant Slash Bar, Hotel LKF by Rhombus
With summer approaching, it’s time to unwind yourself with some light-hearted socialising! Prof. Michael Ferguson, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) and Director of MBA Programs, welcomes you to our Happy Hour to get together casually with alumni, students and faculty members. It will be a wonderful evening for fun and refreshments. Admission is free, and first come, first served. See you there!

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