MBA Connect
February 2017
Connect Story
Herman H. Kam (Full-time, Class of 2015)
Director, LINKA Group
Herman Kam worked for Toyota USA as an engineer, often on the road between numerous cities in the US where Toyota had business, before deciding on uprooting himself and moving to Hong Kong to do an MBA. Having worked in many parts of the US and gained experience in design, manufacturing and quality improvement, he wanted to have international exposure and after five years in engineering, he aspired to moving to the product development side of the business......

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Singapore Trek 2017
Organized by the student-led CUHK MBA Singapore Trek Task Force during Feb 8-10, the Singapore Trek 2017 has successfully connected a group of 15 enthusiastic MBA students with 7 MNCs including Deloitte, Apple, Estee Lauder, Infosys Consulting, DHL Consulting, Cognizant and Verizon. This year, the 15 trekkers were delighted to witness the forefront of technology in VIsa Innovation Lab and learn more about the ecosystem of FinTech in Singapore as co-organised by the FinTech Association. All the concerted efforts provided interactive platforms for our students to explore career opportunities, to understand the working environment and to build the useful network with local hiring managers, alumni and headhunters in Singapore. They were all empowered to facilitate their next step in potential career opportunities in Singapore.
Happy Valley Networking EMP Evening
The Happy Valley Racecourse is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic and historical landmarks and entertainment features. MBA mentors and mentees had a relaxing evening filled with laughter and some even experienced the thrills of cheering for their favorites. Mentees and mentors chatted the evening away in the visitor box and everybody was a winner!
CUHK MBA X IBM Speaker Series
Business Leaders "Shaping" the Future
The Speaker Series is kicked off by Mr. Ernie Hu, General Manager, Cloud, IBM Greater China Group on Jan 19 and continued by Mr. Barry Chan, Partner, Financial Services Sector, IBM China/Hong Kong on Feb 22. In the first talk, Mr. Hu gave a remarkable speech on how industries today are being disrupted by technologies, how can we stay ahead in the time of digital transformation and explained how business and Industry are evolving their business model. Mr. Chan explained in the second talk what is meant by Cognitive technology and stressed that by “Becoming a Cognitive Business”, organisations needs to converge digital business with a new level of digital intelligence to form a new cognitive business model.
The last two talks will be on Apr 27 and May 25, all students and alumni are welcome. Come join us, the registration will be started soon!
EMP CNY Get Together Dinner
Mentors and mentees celebrated the Year of the Rooster with high energy! A ‘Fire Rooster’ drawing competition was held and much creativity demonstrated, with our three honored judges having quite a hard time deciding on a winner. The exceptional prize? A large specially roasted suckling pig was awarded to the fastest table who solved the puzzle. Great mentor and mentee teamwork! It was a fun and enjoyable evening for all. Wishing all our EMP participants may their success be fueled by determination and dedication throughout the Fire Rooster year.
Upcoming Events
Mar 7, 2017
Professional Workshop Series: Creating a Culture to Engage and Retain Millennials
Millennials have emerged as one of the most influential factors in determining future business success, thanks to their distinctive preferences. By understanding them, managers can attract, motivate and retain millennials. During the workshop, we will discover the uniqueness of this special group and learn how to cultivate an environment they find appealing. (Details & Registration)
Mar 27, 2017
Distinguished Speaker Event: "Peach Aviative - A Story of Contrarian Disruption"
Peach Aviation is a joint venture between All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the First Eastern Investment Group. Mr. Victor Chu, Chairman of First Eastern Investment Group, will give us a briefing of the interesting history and background leading to the creation of Peach Aviation. The First Eastern Investment Group is a leading Hong Kong-based international investment firm and a pioneer of private equity investments in China. (Details & Registration: Student | Alumni)