Employment Report Highlight

Full-time MBA Graduates 2016

For the Class of 2016, we posted 3,151 Full-Time positions from 681 employers worldwide on our Online Career Center portal over the year. 95% of our FT MBA graduates who were seeking employment were placed in a new role by December 2016. Students attained diversified portfolios and placement across new industries, new functions and locations in this ambiguous environment. 95% were able to fulfill their desire to remain in Asia and 78% in Hong Kong and China. The other Asian countries that offered our MBAs exciting positions include Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Of the total class, 8% became entrepreneurs which affirms the progressiveness of the MBA program in advancing the Entrepreneurship module.

Our MBAs continue to align themselves to VUCA. Rapidness, intensive research, critical decision making, career coaching to understand the environment, have aided them in steering in to new fields, industries, and sectors. This has given our MBAs a new confidence to embark on the uncertainty with a sense of renewed purpose and the eventual personal career achievement.

Overall Employment Rate

Location Distribution



Industry Distribution

In terms of industry distribution,  Banking & Finance (22%),   Investment / Asset Management (22%) and Business / Management Consulting (15%) are the 3 leading sectors for our graduates.