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Management Team

Management Team

Director’s Message

Developing the Leaders of the Future

Global Reputation

With its 50-year history and high reputation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) MBA Program stands out for its success in developing socially responsible leaders, who are at the forefront of their respective professions.

Bridging East and West

Hong Kong, the dynamic and efficient international financial center, provides the background to CUHK MBA, which builds an influential bridge between East and West by focusing on the fast-moving economies of Asia and China. The diversity of classes opens up new horizons for the participants.

Leadership and Business Acumen

The cutting-edge curriculum, which backs up theory with practice, arms students with all the necessary knowledge and management skills to become a global leader, while our pioneering entrepreneurship concentration promotes sharp business acumen.

Career Success

Senior career specialists from our Career Management Center provide invaluable support to maximize students’ employment opportunities, self-development and career progress.

MBA Programs Director
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs
CUHK Business School

MBA Management
Ms. Stephanie Villemagne
Associate Dean (Graduate Programs) and Director, MBA Programs
Dr. Veronica LI
Ed. D. (Bristol), MIHRM
Associate Director, MBA Programs
Career Management Center
Director, Career Management Center, Graduates Programs
Marketing and Student Recruiting
Ms. Sabrina MA
Director, Marketing and Student Recruiting
Program Administration
Miss Karen CHUNG
Academic Coordinator
Miss Sylvia KWOK
Academic Manager (Full-time Program)
Mr. Matthew FOK
Academic Manager (Part-time Program)
Student Services & International Programs
Miss Sandra CHAN
Manager for Student Services & International Programs