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June 2014
MBA Connect Story:
Himothy and Deedee
Part-time Class of 2011

Himothy and Deedee graduated from CUHK MBA Class of 2011. The two talents got to know each other before their MBA studies and formed a loving family in 2010. While both Himothy and Deedee are in promising management positions in renowned corporates, they have just commenced their new adventure as entrepreneurs in education. In the recent interview with us, they shared with us how the MBA studies made a difference in their life and their visions in the new venture.

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LENS Program
Career Management Center launches a brand new and unique management training and development program "LENS" (Learning management Essentials for your Next Stage) for all current MBA students. This is a tailor-made program highly relevant to current working professionals with more than 6-7 years of experience, who are aiming at moving up to a team lead/ manager role in 1-2 years' time. The program includes 4 modules in 12 different sessions being held over a period of 24 months, specifically enhancing students' skillsets in Managing Self, Managing Up, Managing Down and Managing Across. The contents are structured independently to enable maximum flexibility for students to attend in view of their busy work and study schedule.

The first module, Managing Self: Think On Your Feet - Power to Speak On the Spot, has been kicked off in May. Through role-play and group exercises during this highly-interactive workshop, our students were introduced to techniques aimed at enhancing their skills in structuring thoughts and ideas in order to deliver clear, concise and persuasive messages in everyday workplace scenarios. The second module, Managing Across: Influencing Without Authority and Conflict Management - Creating a Win-Win Approach, will be held in late June and mid-July respectively.

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Study Tours & Networking with Shanghai Alumni
In June, current students visited Shanghai and were warmly welcomed by alumni in the city! Special thanks for Business School Shanghai Alumni Association for the gathering event on June 12.

Led by Prof. Pingping Fu, the first group of students was on Business Field Study to Shanghai and Suzhou with the focus on management of China Business. Apart from lectures by experienced professors in China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong (CELAP) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, students also visited various major organizations including Suzhou Industrial Park(SIP), Deppon Logistics Co Ltd.and Aurora Office Furniture. The trip also provided great opportunities for both Full-time and Part-time students to get to know each other during the journey. (More Photos)

The Luxury Brand Management trip was the first of its kind and formed an important component of the course Luxury Brand Management taught by Prof. Suzanne Godfrey. Students visited various luxury brands such as to Shanghai Tang, Dunhill, Kee Club to gain insights of how luxury business is run in China as compared to other countries. (More Photos)
MBA Ball, Class of 2015
MBA Ball of Class of 2015 was successfully held on May 31 at W Hotel. A total of 140 students and faculty members attended the ball and had an enjoyable evening. It is a joyful moment to celebrate the graduation while it is hard to say goodbye to each other. Thank you SA for organizing the fantastic event.
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Students of Intake 2014 had their 1st Gathering
Our incoming students are so excited to start their MBA life! They are meeting up each other in different cities since June. Let's extend our warm welcome to the new elites and you will see each other in town soon!
Editor's Message
Thank you for everyone's support to this bimonthly e-newsletter. We hope MBA Connect could strengthen the bond among CUHK MBA family. Starting from this issue, we are pleased to present you with a "Connect Story" in which we interview fellow alumni and invite them to share their latest news about their works, business and other personal developments. Hope you enjoy, and you are more than welcome to share with us your stories!
Past Events
MBA Connect Event:
Summer Meet-up: Happy Hour
Thanks everyone for joining the first "MBA Connect Event" in May! You wouldn't surprise that more than 160 students and alumni attended that night. (Photos / Video)
The 8th Annual CSR

The CSR Conference was successfully held on May 28. More than 25 CSR professionals sharing their valuable experiences under the theme of "Success through CSR Innovation"......More
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