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Stay Human to Succeed in the “People Business”

September 5, 2019
Khiem Vu (right) and his CUHK MBA alumnus Kenneth Cheung at a Global Sources event. Kenneth is the co-founder of the startup Novus Technology.


Khiem Vu, Vietnam, Class of 2016

Pre-MBA:          Export Assistance Programme Manager for Developing Countries,

                            Hinrich Foundation, Vietnam

Post-MBA:        Country Manager, Global Sources, Vietnam


“How to get along with and learn from other people are the meta-skills one needs to master in the 21st century.  This is especially true in the business context.  And if I want to make an impact and rediscover myself, an advanced business degree highlighting the people factor is a must.”

In his capacity as Hinrich Foundation’s Export Assistance Programme Manager, Khiem developed and delivered events to educate practitioners in Vietnam and its neighboring countries on global trade issues.

He has been no stranger to the local higher education landscape.  Before opting for the CUHK MBA, he had already obtained an MA degree in International Journalism in Hong Kong, and was fully aware of the historical and geographical uniqueness of the territory as a trade hub.  “A postgraduate business qualification obtained in Hong Kong could hopefully show me the path to the door of opportunity.”  When deciding on the institution, Khiem found that what really counted was CUHK’s focus on people, its extensive alumni base and mentorship programme, which offers individual coaching and advice from real powerful C-level business leaders and much-needed networking opportunities.

It’s worth mentioning that Khiem is one of the few MBA graduates who chose to complete a 6-month internship before his final semester.  “I think this is what makes the CUHK MBA stands out from its counterparts.  Internship can often lead you into your preferred career path.”  Khiem’s experience is a fitting testament to what he said: he got a job offer soon after his internship and is still with the Company he interned at!


“My Hong Kong Experience Matters”

Currently a Country Manager at Global Sources in Vietnam, Khiem is bringing the world’s top 150 buyers to his home country using its online B2B platform, which has a proven track record for 40 years and is highly regarded as one of the most influential on a global scale.  His knowledge of Hong Kong has proved to be an added advantage in his recent endeavor:  having brought over 60 Vietnamese companies to a series of local international trade shows where exhibitors were able to meet up with potential customers from other parts of the world.

Khiem cares deeply about the human aspects of working in a business environment and takes pride in his MBA days at the CUHK where he was a core member of the student-driven Asian Business Club.  Active involvement in CSR-related activities also helped him become more perspective taking, a pre-requisite for managers who aspire to lead their organizations effectively.


Well-equipped for the 21st Century Challenges

He also praised the orientation programme which prepared the readiness for his MBA year and beyond in different aspects. The outward bound in particular, has been instrumental in improving his interpersonal skills. “This 3-day event provided a unique opportunity for me to explore the merits and shortcomings of my coursemates.  We were not always on the same wavelength!  But if you take the initiative to understand and respect what others think, you can always work around difficulties and discrepancies.”

Khiem’s future career goals are to “help Vietnam’s business community go beyond and open the door to South East Asia, creating more jobs at the grassroots level.”  With all the hard and soft skills he acquired through his MBA, he is confident in tackling whatever challenges the new era may throw at him.

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