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Earning an MBA degree the flexible way

March 15, 2019

Flex mode MBA is a new way of doing a part-time MBA course with a combination of online courses and face-to-face lectures. It is a great alternative for busy professionals who have demanding work schedules and other commitments but at the same time, wanting to pursue academic excellence with practical learning experience that could help take their career to the next level.
One might ask how achievable and manageable is that? We spoke to 2 current part-time MBA students to find out how this all worked out for them.

Shadow Qiao (Year 1 part-time MBA Student)
Current position: Corporate Marketing, Pactera
Location: Beijing, China

Shadow Qiao chooses to do an MBA because she wants to reconstruct her framework of knowledge.  Despite the work she does centre around the marketing area, she is curious to know more about finance, management strategies and sustainability etc- skills and knowledge for which she sees as criteria for future management professionals.

After several considerations, a part-time MBA degree in Hong Kong and doing it a Flex mode quickly became the best choice she has on hand.   To start, it was quite a bit of challenge for her as the academic workload was an add-on to her busy work commitments but it all went well after she found ways to manage her time.

Gradually, she got hold of the pattern and came to terms with the fact that time management and organisational skills are critical in determining the success of this course. Therefore, she set up a mechanism for her study routine and things work out smoothly till then.

Shadow generously shares with us her study plan

  1. Set up weekly study goals and make sure you complete them
  2. Identify your own approach that is the most effective and most suitable
  3. Dedicate some time to study every day, it could be half an hour or three hours
  4. Support and understanding from family is equally importantly

When it comes to travelling to Hong Kong for classes, Shadow finds it quite okay to fly from Beijing to Hong Kong once a month.

“Actually I kind of enjoying it, it keeps me away from things that annoy me back home”

The design of the course structure, especially the online elements is practical and appealing to her.

“The videos are great.  I can keep reviewing the most valuable points.”

She feels really grateful with the MBA course when she was asked to compile a cash flow model to assess a new business and she was able to utilise the skills and knowledge she gained during the course and have them applied real-life.

Shadow would definitely recommend the flex mode to anyone interested in doing a part-time MBA course.

“If you want to experience something different, it’s definitely the way to go!  The courses are useful, the classmates are diversified and friendly. It’s a very fresh experience!”

“It’s challenging but very rewarding”

Richard Remington Tramel (Year 1 part-time MBA student)
Current position: Consulting Director, Seowon Ltd
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Richard Remington Tramel (Remi) works in Taipei as a Consulting Director who helps software start-ups enter the APAC market in low cost and low risk way.  He sees a need for taught skills and knowledge, rather than just the experience as the company continues to grow and he has to find ways to help his clients better maximize their value.

Remi learnt about the CUHK MBA Flex mode in an MBA Fair in Taipei.  He quickly noticed this is something for him as the course structure fits in with his schedule so there are no better excuses for not doing it.

A less than 2-hour flight is manageable for him and since he often flies to the Greater Bay area to visit tech firms on behalf of his clients, he can then plan these trips a week before or after the classes.  Doing a course in Hong Kong, a city which is considered as one of the world’s major financial hubs can allow him to gain some useful financial knowledge along the way.

He particularly likes the online course content as it allows him to keep studying wherever he is.

“The online lectures are fantastic because you can pause and rewind, this is very useful when I am struggling to grasp certain concepts”.  “Also the professors are very responsive if I have any questions.”

Remi was initially expecting that he can only start using what he learnt a few years after the course but he is delighted that he can actually utilise all these skills at work on a day-to-day basis now.

“It’s very encouraging when you are able to apply what you learn in the real world”

“I find the professors at CUHK to be highly qualified and motivated”

For Remi, doing a part-time MBA the flex way is great and is  “perfect for entrepreneurs and sales people who travel frequently”.

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