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The Passionate Explorer in Shanghai

August 13, 2020

Yusuke Horio (MBA 2019)


Work Location

Current Job
Business Development Manager (Eisai)

Please use 3 words to describe your life in your residing city.

Explorer. Amazement. Opportunity.

China is the first country I have worked outside of Japan. Daily life here in Shanghai is full with brand-new learnings, and its dynamic scale and quick rising economy is wonderful. Due to this speedy growth, China still has huge white spaces to be leveraged.


What is the one thing you miss from your studies at CUHK Business School?

Taking initiative in class and team work discussions, which I must admit I never prioritised.


What did you learn in CUHK Business School which has impacted your life?

Values for my future career. By collaborating extensively with diversified talents from different nationalities, cultures, and careers, I learnt the importance of diverse values. This made me realize that we don’t need to cling to a stereotypical career development path.

Which industry do you see strong business potential in China?

Healthcare×IT. Because of rising income levels, aging society, changes in values, health awareness is greatly escalating. IT innovation will have a significant impact on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. There may also be an opportunity to improve market access issues for low-income patients and bridge regional disparities in healthcare.


This original article was published by the Alumni and Corporate Office of CUHK Business School.

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