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How many intakes do you have each year and when do courses start?

CUHK has one intake of students per academic year, usually commencing in August with pre-term activities. Please check our website for application announcements: .

What is the minimum GMAT score I need to be accepted?

Candidates are assessed through overall performances and therefore there is no hard or fast minimum score. That said, the respective average GMAT score for typical current students is 650 (full-time). These scores are for reference purposes only and do not represent any official requirement.

How can I impress the interview panel during my assessment interview?

CUHK views each prospective student as a whole person and does all it can to help candidates achieve their career and life goals. In general terms, we think a well-rounded person should be presentable, clear about his/her future objectives, able to demonstrate strong analytical thinking, confident and possess the academic competence needed to deal with the MBA academic life.

If I don’t yet have all the required supporting documents, can I still go ahead and submit an application?

Candidates are advised to submit applications while still preparing necessary documents. Those who have not yet taken GMAT should indicate their scheduled test date on their application form and they are advised to sit the exam within a month of making their application.

What does the visa application procedure involve?

Please refer to the student visa application procedure section of the website for the Hong Kong Government’s Immigration Department. Our admissions office will provide you with full assistance when you apply for a student visa once you are accepted for the program.

How can I apply for Dual Degree program?

Application is open to full-time MBA students who have completed their first term. The details will be announced to all students before application  open.

When will I have the opportunity to decide whether to undertake the 12- or 16-month program?

You can apply to join an exchange program after your first term of study. If you are nominated to a program after the selection process, your study period will be extended to 16 months.

How does CUHK define work experience?

Only full-time post-qualification work experience to August 1 of the intake year is counted.

Student Life in CUHK

What are accommodation arrangements like? Will there be a dormitory available for me on CUHK’s campus?

You can either choose to live on or off campus. If you prefer to live on campus, simply apply for one of the places in our postgraduate hall after your admission to CUHK has been confirmed. Places will be assigned to applicants through the drawing of lots. Should you opt to live off campus, we will be happy to assist you in finding an apartment.

Can I stay with my family on campus?

CUHK regrets it currently has no accommodation on campus for students who wish to live with their dependents while studying.

Approximately how much will I need to live in Hong Kong for a year?

Living expenses in Hong Kong vary widely. According to previous students’ experiences, you should aim to have a monthly budget of around HK$10,000 – 12,000 (accommodation included).

Is CUHK’s campus within easy reach of downtown Hong Kong?

CUHK’s campus is within easy reach of major forms of public transportation such as Mass Transit Railway (MTR) trains, buses and minibuses. It usually takes no more than 45 minutes to get from CUHK to Central Hong Kong.


Can I claim course exemptions for my previous studies?

You may be granted exemption from core courses if you have completed equivalent studies and attained a satisfactory academic performance for postgraduate work undertaken within the last five years. Supporting documents such as academic transcripts and course content must be provided for CUHK staff’s assessment at time of applying for an exemption. Applications for course exemption will only be handled once your admission to CUHK has been confirmed. Upon exemption from core courses, students will be required to replace the exempted courses with electives of equal units.

When can I apply for exchange programs and will I need to pay extra tuition fees at my exchange school if successful?

Applications for places on exchange programs usually open to both full- and part-time students each December. Selection criteria are based on applicants’ academic performance during their first term together with other activities and contributions to their CUHK MBA program. While you will not need to pay tuition fees to any exchange school where you are accepted, you will be responsible for all travelling and living expenses while overseas.

How long will my studies at CUHK last?

Full-time students are required to successfully complete 54 units before they can graduate. Under this requirement, you can choose to complete the full-time program in as little as 12 months or alternatively, you may participate in a wide range of world-wide exchange programs or summer internship which will stretch your study program to 16 months.

Career Support and Alumni

What career support services does CUHK provide and how can I take advantage of them?

Our Career Management Center conducts a well-structured Career Advancement & Management Program (CAMP) for MBA students throughout their studies. The ultimate aim is to make it easier for you to facilitate your next career move by giving you an appreciation of your career interests and abilities and assisting in the development of the essential management skills you will need to fulfill your career aspirations. Our services in this area include but are not limited to:

Individual Counseling, Skills Training, On-going Experience Sharing & Networking.

For details, please click here.

How will CUHK’s alumni network benefit me?

As Asia’s first established MBA program, we have over 6,600 alumni in different senior positions worldwide with special emphasis in Greater China. We launched our Mentorship Program in order to provide better connections between alumni and current students. For full details, please click here. In addition, many other alumni are invited to act as advisors to students clubs, as guest speakers to share with students about industry trends and management techniques. The Alumni and Corporate Affairs office of the CUHK Business School will assist MBA students to get connected to various alumni.

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