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Leading Faculty Research

Leading Faculty Research

Ten research centers showcase the CUHK Business School’s dedication to leading research into global business issues.

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Research Centers
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They bring together professors, business executives and students on important business subjects, with a focus on Asia. The research undertaken covers a wide range of areas from international finance to family business, drawing on access to business leaders and public policy makers and benefiting students and the programs in which they study.

Research Centers

Asian Institute of Supply Chain & Logistics

The Asian Institute of Supply Chain & Logistics brings together scholars from different faculties specialized in supply chain management and logistics to conduct academic and applied research. The institute supports both the industry’s development and academia through research collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Aviation Policy and Research Center

The primary focus of the Aviation Policy and Research Center is to improve evidence-based public policy making and management of aviation related resources for a healthy growth of passenger and freight traffic in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia Pacific.

Center for Chinese Financial Development and Reform

By tackling real business problems, the influential Center for Chinese Financial Development and Reform contributes with high-quality, authoritative research to policy discussion in the field of Chinese financial development and reform, while strengthening and enhancing the program content.

Center for Economics and Finance

With a vision to become a world leader and research powerhouse in finance and economics in Asia, the Center for Economics and Finance supports education and promotes high-quality strategic research on the Chinese economy and the emerging financial markets of China and Asia.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Working across multiple disciplines to provide education, conduct research and organize activities, the Center for Entrepreneurship collaborates with international and regional research institutions and industry professionals to instill the spirit of entrepreneurial passion in young people, while creating cultural, social and economic value.

Center for Family Business

Showcasing novel and exemplary practices, the Center for Family Business, a leading research, education and practice platform for businesses and industry professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, aims to create an agile ecology that can support the growth of Asia’s all-important trans-generational family businesses.

Center for Hospitality and Real Estate Research

The Center delivers excellence in serving government agencies, business corporations and professional organizations with outstanding research and executive education. It offers open and specialized programs for industry executives in the hospitality and real estate disciplines.

Center for Institutions and Governance

The Center’s high quality education and research projects address how country institutional factors affect corporate governance and economic behaviors of corporations and their agents in China and Asia. At the same time, it enhances communication between researchers and the public.

Center for International Business Studies

Leveraging on the renowned research achievements of CUHK Department of Management, the Center spearheads research projects on timely issues of international business with a special emphasis on emerging economies. It also actively disseminates knowledge to the academic community and industries.

Center for Marketing Engineering

A leading institution for applied research projects, the Center for Marketing Engineering focuses its research on database marketing, customer relationship management, data mining and business intelligence applications, while developing close relationships with leading corporations through consultancy services and training programs.

China Business Knowledge

China Business Knowledge is the go-to knowledge platform of CUHK Business School, providing insights to academics, students and industry professionals with a wealth of features, case studies, blogs and videos. The articles are grouped into 19 categories, from accounting to strategic management and tourism.

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