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October 2014
MBA Connect Story:
Chiharu Kajinami (Japan)

Full-time Class of 2012

When talking to Chiharu, one is amazed by her passion and her determination to experience every possible aspect of life. The possibility of studying for an MBA degree first occurred to Chiharu during her undergraduate studies; when the right opportunity arose during her late twenties, she put the idea into practice. Two years have passed since Chiharu graduated with an MBA. She has recently relocated to Beijing to take up the position of Account Executive Director at Hakuhodo, the second largest advertising company in Japan.

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Elite Mentorship Program 2014
Kick-off Gathering
The Elite Mentorship Program once again had a successful kick-off dinner on September 25 at Langham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. This year we have 50 elite mentors in the program and most of them had joined the MBA students as well as the Faculty and the MBA Programs executives in this signature event. Early in the evening, students and mentors met each other for the very first time. After a round of warm introductions, the evening was finally kicked-off by a welcoming address from Professor Vernon Hsu, Interim Dean of CUHK Business School, followed by a thank you note from Mr Armstrong Lee, President of the CUHK MBA Alumni Association and a greeting note from Mr Charles Wang, President of the Student Association of Class of 2016.

All guests enjoyed the gathering and the night was filled with energy and aspirations. Both the mentors and mentees were excited to learn from each other. On top of the kick-off event being a successful one, the evening also signified the beginning of new relationships, new mentorships and new rising talents being guided and coached by some of the most experienced industry leaders and business experts in Hong Kong. The MBA Career Management Center wishes these mentors and mentees a wonderful mentorship experience and journey ahead!
Shenzhen Alumni Gathering
Over 30 CUHK Business School alumni joined a lunch gathering in Futian District, Shenzhen on October 25 and spent a joyful Saturday together. The reunion was organized by Ms. July Lin (MBA 2006), our Alumni Ambassador in Shenzhen, together with other devoted MBA alumni. We were delighted to have friends from BBA, MSF, MBA and EMBA Programs joining it. July and her team were grateful to have enthusiastic and thoughtful sharing during the gathering, which strengthens the bonding between one another. Please look for further announcements of its upcoming networking activities.
Release of 2015 Graduate Resume Book of MBA Programs - "A PALETTE of GLOBAL TALENT"
The Career Management Center, MBA Programs, CUHK Business School proudly presents the 2015 Graduate Resume Book which features our MBA graduates and talents of the full-time 2015 class. The theme this year is "A PALETTE of GLOBAL TALENTS" which signifies the vibrant diversity of talents in the programs. This publication features the profiles of high-caliber professionals who are or will soon be embarking on a colorful new journey in their career spanning across the globe. In addition to the hardcopy, the Career Management Center has also released an e-version which is made available for the environmental friendly employers.

Alumni and employers around the world are welcome to contact the Career Management Center if interested in recruiting CUHK MBA talents for full-time or internship openings. Requests for resume books can be sent to the center here. Recruiters can also register on the Online Career Center here to access the talent search engine and find out more about working with the CUHK MBA Career Management Center for talent acquisition.
Indian Students Brought "Festival of Lights" to CUHK MBA
Initiated by our Indian classmates, around 30 MBA students celebrated Diwali on October 23. Diwali, the Indian festival celebrated in autumn every year means "Festival of Lights" and it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. This cultural event introduced students to the traditional Indian food and music, cultural insights as well as the customs of the festivals. While enjoying the delicious Indian snacks, sweets, dinner and drinks prepared at PGH, the classmates also danced and sang amidst Bollywood music! Happy Diwali!
Global Leader Series:
Talk by Mr. Charles Li, CEO of HKEx

Nov 18, 2014 (Tue)
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: Opening a New Era for Mutual Market Access between Hong Kong and Mainland
Free Body Care Trial Set & Hand Treatment
Thanks our current part-time student, Mr. Eric Mak, for connecting us with SABON, which offers a free body care trial set and hand treatment to CUHK Business School Alumni and students. (Click here for details)
MBA Connect Event:
Autumn Meet-up: Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014
On Sep 28, over 150 MBA students, alumni and their families joined an exciting Halloween event at Ocean Park Hong Kong! (Please Click here for photos)
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