Career Intelligence @LEAP

Career Intelligence in Leadership Excellence & Advancement Programme (LEAP)

The concept of career intelligence is a fundamental aspect of the MBA LEAP programme, offered by the CUHK MBA Programmes. LEAP represents a significant milestone in the MBA journey, symbolizing the transformative leap towards becoming a leader in the business world. At CUHK, we believe that the MBA experience should extend beyond the confines of the classroom, connecting students with global industries and business communities, fostering lifelong relationships, and facilitating continuous learning.

Within the LEAP programme, career development is a crucial component of leadership competence and personal development (LCPD). We are committed to equipping MBA students with the necessary skills and resources to cultivate career intelligence. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive support through career resources, dedicated career advisors, and industry intelligence.

Under the umbrella of Leadership Competency and Personal Development (LCPD), we offer various initiatives such as the BEAM Schemes. These schemes include the Board Advisors of MBA Programme, Elite Mentorship Scheme, Advisors for Personal and Career Development, and Masters of Industry Scheme (Industry Masters). These schemes provide invaluable opportunities for students to engage with industry experts, gain mentorship, and enhance their understanding of the professional landscape.

Additionally, our Leadership Forums, primarily sourced from the Executive MBA Programme (EMP), offer a platform for students to interact with accomplished leaders, gain insights from their experiences, and broaden their perspectives on effective leadership.

To further develop career intelligence, we conduct regular Career Intelligence Workshops facilitated by experienced advisors and industry masters. These workshops, scheduled throughout the year (November 2023, January, March, and May 2024), provide practical guidance and knowledge to students, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the job market and make informed career decisions.

At CUHK, we are dedicated to nurturing well-rounded leaders with the ability to thrive in the dynamic business landscape. Through the MBA LEAP programme, we are committed to fostering career intelligence in our students, enabling them to excel in their professional endeavors and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

Our Offers To Recruiters

Job Posting

We welcome alumni and corporate partners to share job openings in your professional network. CUHK MBA job board is a tailored portal exclusive to the current MBA cohorts, complete and send the Job Referral form to to get your job advertisement published. We shall follow up promptly upon receipt of the information.

Talent Recommendation

The MBA office is keen to match MBA talents with compatible position fits in the job market, and we endeavour to line up MBA candidates that meet your hiring needs.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Recruitment Events

We host recruitment events that connect employers from Hong Kong SAR, Greater Bay Area and other regions with the MBA cohorts. Join us to become our recruitment partner to gain access to a platform where your organization can extend talent sourcing to the pool of MBA elites.

Industry Talks and Executive Sharing Sessions

Insights and market updates shared by our alumni and corporate representatives are invaluable resources that keep the MBA community connected and informed in the rapidly changing world.