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Mentorship Program

Broaden Your Professional Network

Mentorship Program

Broaden Your Professional Network

Mentorship is based on a ‘win-win’ approach for all participants and can help to develop supportive and long lasting friendships.


  • Build character
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Create a network of support and connections for mentees and mentors


Broaden Your Professional Network

In today’s business environment of multiple challenges, rapid developments and disruptions, managing careers has become increasingly complex.

CUHK Business School understands that a powerful way to successfully develop careers is through mentoring. Mentors can provide mentees with informal guidance on important career transitions by sharing knowledge and experiences.

The Mentorship Program is a safe yet informal partnership between CUHK MBA alumni and students. Both parties can foster a learning and sharing environment and become part of a wider support network. Mentors and mentees will engage in building trustful relationships, in which mentees are offered personal and professional guidance and are encouraged by mentors towards self-development. Mentoring by alumni is also a way ‘to give back’ to the School and the student community. Mentors are also provided with an opportunity to develop and strengthen their own coaching, mentoring and leadership skills.


How The Mentorship Programs Works

CUHK Business School’s structured mentoring program endeavours to match full-time and part-time MBA students with the School’s MBA alumni, pairing up for a minimum timeframe of 9 months. Mentoring activities include:

One-on-One Sessions

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to specific areas of work and interests and are expected to meet once a month throughout the program based on an agreed schedule. During the meetings, mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss and share information on subjects such as career planning, career change, leadership, networking, work-life balance and lifelong education. Topics for discussion should be based on areas which mentees and mentors find appropriate, suitable and interesting. Potential themes can include:


Step 1

Goal Setting

1 year, 3 year or 5 year plans. How can these be successfully accomplished?

Step 2

Career Development

How to improve and advance?

Step 3

Opportunities and Networking

What job opportunities exist? What are the best platforms for networking?

Step 4

Common Interests

What are some of the non-work related interests which can build the relationship and support learning?

Mentorship Events


Kick Off Event

  • Leadership assessment session for mentors conducted by a professional coach
  • Cocktail reception for mentors/ mentees
  • Dinner

March/ April

Fun Event

  • Fun event within an informal setting for mentors and mentees to relax and enjoy each other’s company and to connect with other program participants


MBA Happy Hour

  • Organized by the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office, a Happy Hour which offers a great opportunity for MBA students and alumni to meet and mingle
Mentor Selection Criteria
  • CUHK alumni with a minimum of 5 years’ post MBA work experience
  • Engaged or working in an ‘active career’ i.e. employed by a company, is an entrepreneur, a company owner and so on
  • Prior mentoring and/or coaching experience

Mentors are required to sign a ‘letter of commitment’ in which they agree to dedicate time to meet with his/her mentee at least once a month and accompany his/her mentee to the program’s
three mentorship events. The CUHK MBA Programs team will also provide some training through a consultant on mentoring expectations.

Mentee Application

Participation in the CUHK Mentorship Program is optional for students. Full-time and part-time students can apply by filling out an application form and participating in an interview conducted by MBA Career Management Center.

Mentees will sign a ‘letter of commitment’ in which they agree to meet with his/her mentor at least once a month and will attend the program’s three mentorship events and an information workshop.

Mentees are expected to initiate and take the lead on meeting arrangements and have a flexible attitude when it comes to his/her mentors’ schedule and travel.

The application for CUHK MBA Intake 2021 is now open. The 2nd round application deadline is 14 December 2020. Click here to apply now!