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An MBA that fits perfectly in every facet

October 30, 2019


Olivia Saha

Current Student, Part-time, Class of 2020

Current Position: Senior Analyst, Kerry Logistics


“Though just halfway through my MBA journey, I can say with confidence that the Programme has benefitted me greatly, especially in networking and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Olivia has worked in India, the UK and Hong Kong before joining her current employer where she works closely with its top management.  Work experiences in different countries made her become aware of the need to be perspective-taking in areas such as core business strategies and market development.  She also saw the importance of developing a better understanding of the decision-making process and strategic planning for her to “move on”.

The CUHK MBA turns out to be the solution that comes with everything she needs.  A well-established alumni network, practical courses delivered by celebrated professors, class discussions focusing on real business scenarios have proved to be highly relevant to what she’s working on.  Equally crucial is the “flex mode” study option that gives her plenty of flexibility to work around her busy schedule.

A staunch advocate of gender sensitisation, Olivia is President of the Women in Business Club (WBC), a student-led club under CUHK Business School. WBC provides a perfect platform where she can meet women leaders across industries and voice her concerns.  In networking events, she can often exhibit her leadership skills and confidence to communicate her thoughts to a larger audience.

Now midway through her MBA journey, Olivia said the Programme has helped her build a personal network not only in multinational companies but also within the government hierarchy, with her business knowledge continually improved under the guidance of professors who are among the best in their respective fields.  “They are also great mentors when it comes to work and life!”  The need to juggle career commitment, her studies and student club duties have honed her time management skills and reminded her of the importance of discipline.  The weekend classes are occasions that she can’t wait to attend – “my MBA classmates are experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds.  I treasure every opportunity to learn from and establish personal ties with these like-minded people.”

Olivia’s husband Arnab Neogi is also a CUHK MBA alumnus.  She has always been intrigued by how her better half had benefitted from his coursemates, alumni and professors and the many happy moments that Arnab highly cherishes even nowadays.  The answers became very clear when she followed in her husband’s footsteps.