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Marketing head going global with a truly international MBA programme

November 8, 2019

Arnab Neogi

Full-time, Class of 2017

Pre MBA: Sales Manager, Borges India Private, India

Post MBA:  Marketing Manager, Solutions – Asia, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, Hong Kong


Arnab became aware of the need to get an internationally recognised MBA in addition to his master’s degree in India when he worked for the Indian subsidiary of a billion-dollar Spanish consumer products group.  He was looking for a programme that could expand his horizons and equip him with practical skills to lead multinational teams.  Choosing Hong Kong as his study destination was nothing incidental: the city not only has a highly competitive and vibrant business sector, it is also an essential gateway to China as well as to the rest of Asia.  For Arnab, studying at CUHK is a choice that is second to none – a pioneer in MBA education with numerous outstanding alumni, close ties with many Nobel Laureates plus a unique course structure that takes industry practices into account.

Arnab Neogi is currently Marketing Manager at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, a company listed on the Fortune 500, leading the Asia marketing function of Retail Solutions. His goal has always been to develop a career in marketing in a multinational company.  “I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve my aspiration. One thing for sure is that CUHK MBA played a crucial role in helping me put everything into perspective.”

He cited the “Management in Action” course to illustrate how his study experience at CUHK has benefited his career advancement.  Effectively a 4-day event, the course required students to role-play different positions of a newly acquired company, enabling them to view the organisation’s culture and strategy in a wider perspective.  What’s also worth mentioning is his practicum in a startup at the HK Science & Technology Park where he was able to put theories into practice.  In collaboration with his teammates, he finished fourth at the Warsaw Negotiation Round held at the Warsaw School of Economics, which has ignited his passion for negotiation and “develop friendships with people speaking different languages”.

“It was enthralling to represent CUHK in an international competition attended by strong teams comprising barristers, arbiters, mediators, negotiators etc.  It was through real life business scenarios and hard-hitting negotiations that I realised the values of teamwork and collaboration.“

“A good MBA programme needs to strike a balance between theory and practice and CUHK MBA has it all over. It’s what an aspiring global manager is looking for!”

Arnab’s wife Olivia Saha is currently a part-time MBA student at CUHK.  He enjoys sharing with his better half every moment of his MBA journey as well as the network he has been treasuring so much since day one of his studies.