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Unleashing life’s limitless potential

CUHK MBA - Bintang Mulyasakti

Bintang Mulyasakti, Indonesia

Current Student, Full-Time, Class of 2020


Before CUHK, Bintang worked as a Business & Development Operations Manager at a heavy machinery rental company in Indonesia.  Having spent over four years leading a relatively comfortable life, his restlessness started to build up.  He became aware of the need to do something different and decided to pursue an MBA at CUHK in Hong Kong – springboarding to a whole new world he could not have imagined.


How does CUHK offer such a definitive advantage?

What Bintang likes about CUHK MBA is the relatively small but hugely competitive environment.  Students come from a diversity of backgrounds and everyone has something to learn from each other. ”Although we are competing in some way, it is common for us to give and receive feedback on different areas. The feedback is seriously genuine. The strong bonds that were created amongst us make my MBA experience unforgettable.”


Pushing boundaries to gain more

Originally from a tech background, Bintang took on a finance concentration, with end-to-end comprehension of Fintech. He became inspired by the likes of Mergers & Acquisitions by Professor Cen Ling, Fintech 101 by Professor Chris Lobello, Fintech Analytics with Professor Michael Zhang and the Business Practicum project under Professor Larry Poon, where he and his team mates provided practical recommendations to a fintech company in Hong Kong.


Well-rounded education offers holistic experiences

As Vice President of the Technology and Startup Club, not only did he brush up his negotiation and communication by meeting stakeholders, but he also learned effective time management and balancing personal responsibilities.

Planning to stay in Hong Kong or looking for career opportunities in South East Asia after graduation, Bintang says: “I can go into fintech with a consulting firm or even a conventional bank. The programme has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to shape me into a professional, inside and outside of the classroom!”

The Career Management Centre has offered him industry experience and knowledge, something which he is highly grateful for. Now at the end of the programme, Bintang is happy with his decision to pursue an MBA at CUHK, with his horizons broadened and network expanded.  “We received help not only with job searching but also network building through a series of events!” For Bintang, CUHK offers a path to achieving his life’s potential.

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